McKee’s Pub and Grill started in Lake Havasu City.

Vicki Mckee had moved to Arizona from Black Hawk, South Dakota and began working at the previous bar several years earlier.  When the owner was about to retire, he offered the business to Vicki who, after doing a lot of soul searching (about ten minutes-worth) took right over.  The transformation to McKee’s didn’t take long and now so many of us enjoy the hospitality, fun and great values at McKee’s Lake Havasu!

Mckee’s Five Star Dive Bar has a huge smoking patio, great food and tons of billiards. Make sure you check out our food menu when your in the need for a great meal at a great price. Mckee’s is a locals favorite but is welcoming to any out of towners that want to have a good time.

Stop by and see us at Mckee’s. Our door is open and ready serve ice cold beer at reasonable prices.

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